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Qingdao Youjia Youjia Hygiene  Technology  Co.,Ltd . Is a professional company engaged in research and development;production and marketing of tampons.We aim to change the traditional use of sanitary napkins and improve the health and well-being of women.This will open a new chapter in the market for women's health in China; will greatly improve the international competitiveness of women's health products in China and lesds the industry.We make up for the shortage of relevanted core technology、OEM、and the gap between foreign countries. The project has been launched in July 2016, with a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan with 100  production lines in planing and going to be established as the largest professional tampon-production base in the world.  We relying on strong research and development capabilities, self-developed  automation equipment for tampon with applicator ,production is under the American FDA certification standards and we are the domestic first meet FDA standard tampons production enterprises and is a global enterprise with the largest number of tampons patent.Our company has passed the American IQ test、the OQ test、the PQ test and total nine tests, such as microbiological sampling test.We are the only enterprise in China that has mastered its advanced production technology.   The company has the world's most advanced automation production line, "BiuBiu tampons" is the only self-developed tampon brand in China
 We will adhere to play a fundamental role of market and government guidance to promote the combination of science &technology innovation and realize industrialization, deepen the system reform,  promoting university-industry cooperation, make this high-end manufacturing become the leading industry and pillar industry of national economy.


Year      2018 To bring more benefits to Chinese women.


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company culture

企业使命:            给更多的人带来健康和快乐并创造更多价值

企业愿景:            帮助客户,帮助员工,帮助国家,做行业领跑者

企业核心价值观:   尊重人格,热情诚信,创新务实,荣辱与共

企业精神:            认真、负责,拼搏敬业,表里如一

企业信仰:            至诚至信,创新发展,追求卓越

质量理念:            不接受不良品,不制造不良品,不传递不良品

营销理念:            发现需求,满足需求

市场理念:            破坏—创新—再破坏—再创新,只有不断创新,才会拥有持续的市场

服务理念:            在满足客户基本需求的情况下提供给客户额外的超值服务

竞争理念:            将我们的弱小优势做到极致

安全理念:            再忙也不能忽视安全,因为生命只有一次

选才理念:            适合岗位要求的人就是人才

用人理念:            用人唯贤,不论亲疏,用人不疑,知人善任

管理理念:            能够用数字来表示,能把成本数字降下来就是会管理


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